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Setpower X50: Is It a Good Buy?

Setpower X50

If you’re a prepper or even someone who enjoys camping or hunting, keeping your food fresh is essential. We traditionally use coolers for this, but the Setpower X50 could be a better option for many people.

The Setpower X50 is a great portable refrigerator that has the capability to run on its own battery. You can use it to keep food or drinks as cold as you need to, no matter where you are.

In this article, I’ll start by covering the features that set the X50 apart from similar products. I’ll also discuss how you could use it for off-grid adventures or emergency preparedness.

I would like to thank Setpower for providing their products for this review.

Setpower X50 Features

The Setpower X50 is a portable refrigerator with a 50-quart capacity. This is a good size if you want to carry plenty of food or drinks but still be able to move it around. It weighs a little over 30 pounds but is still easy to move.

It has 6-inch wheels that do a good job navigating most kinds of terrain along with a telescoping handle. The handle extends far enough that most people will be able to pull it comfortably. I’m between 5’10” and 5’11” and am able to move the X50 without having to hunch over.

It can handle up to 45 degrees of tilt while moving and it’s compressor is on the top of the unit, reducing the amount of dust that could get inside of it. 

The X50’s temperature adjustment starts at 68 degrees and can go all the way down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should be able to do everything from cool water bottles to keep meat from your deep freeze frozen.

The X50 will go from room temperature to 32 degrees in 15 minutes, and was able to go all the way down to -4 degrees in less than 30 minutes.

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Setpower X50

Multiple Power Sources

The Setpower X50 can be powered via AC power from your home or generator, the 12-volt plug in your car, and even directly from solar panels if you have the correct adapters.

But one special feature that the X50 has that a lot of other portable refrigerators don’t is the ability to run using it’s own battery.  The battery has a capacity of 52,200 mAh, and can last for up to 8 hours.

This makes it a great companion to go with a solar generator. Since solar generators need to be recharged, you can use the X50’s battery to power it while your solar power station is charging back up. The X50 can be purchased with or without the battery and can be run without one installed.

Portable refrigerator/freezers like this one are very energy efficient. It will draw a little more power on startup while it is cooling, however, after initial startup, it usually runs in the 40-50 watt range. This is a fraction of the power that a side by side refrigerator or even a small box freezer uses.

Since it draws so little power, this is going to mean a couple of things. First, you’ll be able to use even relatively small solar setups with this. However, if using a larger power station like an Ecoflow Delta, you should be able to run this for a couple of days, even at its lowest temperature setting. It has an eco mode to help save power and battery protection to prevent it from draining your battery too low.

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Other Nice Features

Another good thing about refrigerators like the Setpower X50 is that they allow you to take advantage of the refrigerator’s full storage capacity. If you were to have a regular 50 quart cooler, you would be putting your food as well as ice in it. Not needing ice will allow you to store more food or drinks instead.

The X50 also has a place on the back that you can use as a bottle opener and to hold things like spatulas and other cooking utensils. There’s an LED light inside the freezer and a drain hole at the bottom. 

You can also use it to charge your phone and other small electronics. There’s a wireless charging area on the top along with a USB-A port. In addition to be used for charging, you can also use the USB-A port to power small USB devices like lights.

The current price for the X50 is $599 without the battery and $728 with the battery. If you purchase the fridge without the battery and want one later or just want a spare, those are available for $129 as writing this article.

Setpower X50 battery

Uses for the Setpower X50

Most people who purchase the Setpower X50 will probably use it for things like camping. Since you can power it up using various methods, you shouldn’t have any problem keeping your food fresh. You can use the 12-volt plug in your car while you are driving to keep food cool and charge the battery. When you arrive, you can power it using the X50’s battery and a solar generator.

It would be especially useful if you like to camp or hunt remotely. Even the best coolers will need more ice eventually, and not having to worry about his will make your travels easier and allow you to bring fresh meat and other perishables with you.

Since it has a 50-quart capacity, it will be large enough to store plenty of food. If you’re someone who likes overland trips or prefers van life, it would make a good refrigerator for your setup.

The X50 is also a good choice if you’re someone who drives long distances for your job or if you are taking a roadtrip. My family and I will be taking a trip in a few days and plan on bringing our groceries with us. Having the X50 will allow us to purchase everything at home for a cheaper price and not have to mess with shopping when we reach our destination.

Emergency Preparedness

It’s also an excellent option if you’re a prepper looking for a way to preserve food during an emergency. Since it’s so energy efficient, a decent-size solar generator (1,000 watt-hours or more) should be able to run it for a couple of days. This will allow you to save your most expensive perishables, such as meat, during a power outage.

Even during long-term situations, if you have enough sunlight, you should be able to keep the X50 running almost indefinitely thanks to its rechargable battery. This will help you extend your food storage since you will be able to wait longer before you need to use your canned goods or dry food storage.

You can also use the Setpower X50 if you need to bug out. Even though it has a large capacity, it’s still small enough that it should fit in the back seat of most cars or the cargo area of an SUV. If you have medications that need to be kept cool, such as insulin, the X50 will allow you to do that.

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Other Good Options

Setpower FC20

If the X50 is a little out of your budget, Setpower does have some other options that are more affordable. The FC-20 holds 21 quarts and can be powered by AC power from a wall outlet, gas generator, or solar generator as well as the 12-volt plug in your car.

If you want to power the FC-20 via an AC plug, you’ll need to purchase the version of the product that includes that adapter. However, it probably won’t be necessary if you will be using the 12-volt plug in your car. Also, most solar generators have 12-volt car plug outputs, so you won’t need an adapter for them either.

The FC-20’s temperature adjustment goes from 50 degrees to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be used as either a refrigerator or a freezer. It’s also small and lightweight, making it a good choice for travel.

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