Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan Review

Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan Review

I live in Texas, which means summers can get really hot. It isn’t uncommon for high temperatures to be above 90 degrees for almost two months straight. This type of heat can be deadly if you don’t stay hydrated and give your body the chance to cool down. In environments such as this, having a tool like the Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan can let you work more comfortably and be safer while doing it.

My reason for getting my M18 fan was that I just got tired of pretending that I’m tougher than what I actually am. It took a weekend project in the woods to make me ready to tear down the facade.

A couple of summers ago, my dad and I were doing work on our hunting property to get ready for the upcoming deer season. He was on a tractor mowing while I cleared out paths to our deer stands. When we were doing this, the temperatures were probably in the high 80’s to mid 90’s each day. Day one was virtually unbearable thanks to high humidity and almost no breeze.

When we were on our way back home, we stopped at a hardware store and picked up a Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan. I took it and my M18 batteries with us the next day, and it made a world of difference. It made such a difference, that my dad decided to pick up one for himself shortly after. It quickly became one of my favorite and most-used Milwaukee tools.

Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan Basic Specifications:

  • Price: $79.00
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Height: 14.07 inches
  • Power Sources: AC/DC Power Adapter or Milwaukee M18 Batteries
  • Run Time: 17 hours on low with a 5.0 ah battery


Dual Power Capability

Milwaukee’s M18 Jobsite Fan has dual power capability, making it incredibly versatile. You can either plug it into a wall outlet or run it off of Milwaukee M18 batteries. Like any M18 tool, the Jobsite Fan is compatible with any Milwaukee M18 RedLithium battery.

To get the most out of the fan, I suggest using at least a 5.0 ah battery or larger, which Milwaukee claims will enable the fan to operate for 17 hours on the lowest setting. I generally use a 9.0 ah battery with my fan. This allows the fan to run all night on the second setting and still have half a charge left on the battery. This runtime is enough to help you sleep through the night during a muggy power outage or stay cool all day while working.

The Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan will also run off of the included AC adapter. This will allow you to use the fan without batteries if you are near a power source. This is useful if you have a limited number of batteries or you want to run the fan at full power for an extended period of time. The fan features a dust cover to protect where the adapter plugs in when not in use.

The only downside to the power adapter is that there isn’t a place to store it onboard the fan when not in use. This makes it easy to misplace, so I usually don’t take it with me on projects away from the house.

It Can Move A Lot of Air

For its size, the Milwaukee’s M18 fan is pretty powerful. It has three settings, the highest of which can move 284 CFM with a maximum air velocity of 18 MPH. It can circulate air over 40 feet, but for best results, position the fan as close to you as possible. The reason for this is the fan’s compact size.

Although the M18 fan’s motor is powerful, its head is still fairly compact. This means that the airflow will be concentrated in a smaller area than if it was larger. It is great for staying cool in confined spaces or if you are doing work in one spot.

Compact Size and Adaptability

Milwaukee M18 Fan Jobsite Review
The Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan is small enough to use in a tent while camping.

One of my favorite things about Milwaukee tools is how they are designed with attention to detail, and the M18 Jobsite Fan is no exception. It is compact, weighing only 5.2 lbs (without a battery) and only 14.07 inches tall. This will allow you to take the fan almost anywhere you need air circulation.

The fan’s head can move 120 degrees and has 9 stopping points. This allows you to direct airflow exactly where you need it. The head also houses the fan’s carry handle, which is molded directly into it. This makes it sturdy and impossible to lose.

The M18 Jobsite Fan can be set on a stable surface or it can be hung from job site materials or a wall. It has keyholes on the bottom that allow you to hang the fan from nails or screws, or you can hang it by running wire through the fan’s base.

My only gripe design-wise with the M18 Jobsite Fan is that it doesn’t oscillate. While you can adjust the fan’s head up and down, once you get it set, it doesn’t move. Other fans, such as Makita’s, will oscillate back and forth, allowing them to cool a larger area more effectively. 

Uses of the M18 Jobsite Fan

On the Jobsite

The Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan is useful for a wide variety of purposes. As a job site fan, it will do a great job keeping you cool while working. Its compact size will allow you to use it in confined areas such as attics or crawlspaces. Since it can run off of batteries, accessing tight areas such as these is even less of a challenge. Being battery-operated will also allow you to use the fan in remote locations where there is no electricity, such as when my dad and I were working on our hunting property.

In addition to providing comfort, the M18 Jobsite fan also works well if you need to dry small areas. I have used mine to quickly dry areas after plumbing incidents to reduce the chance of mold growth and permanent damage. The M18 Jobsite Fan has also proven useful when drying clothing, such as gloves, and even our couch after we cleaned it. I have even used it to dry the couch after a spill.

Camping and Grilling

I never go camping without my M18 fan. It is small enough to fit in our tent and can also be used inside a camping trailer if you didn’t want to run a generator. This is useful when you are hunting and want to disturb the area as little as possible.

I also like to use my M18 fan while grilling, especially in the summer. It helps me stay cool, and if positioned correctly, will help direct smoke from the grill in front of me instead of in my face. I have horrendous allergies, so this can be extremely helpful.

Power Outages

Job Site Fan for Power Outages
I installed drywall anchors into the wall to support the M18 fan during power outages.

Staying cool during a power outage is another good use of the M18 Jobsite Fan. My neighborhood has short outages fairly often, so I have gotten a lot of mileage out of my fan for this purpose. Since staying cool at night is a challenge during spring and summer, I have pre-staged a mounting system for my M18 fan.

I measured the distance between the keyholes on the fan’s base and installed two heavy-duty wall anchors into the wall. I inserted the screws into the anchors all the way and placed a picture over them. When I need to use the fan, I simply remove the picture and back out the screws just enough that they fit inside the keyholes on the fan’s base. I can then adjust the head of the fan to supply airflow where we need it.

Click here to see more ideas to help you stay cool during a power outage.


Milwaukee’s M18 Jobsite Fan is one of my favorite tools. It makes miserable heat more bearable and is useful beyond the job site. It is a great tool to use around the house and is also good to bring along while camping or doing other outdoor activities. At around $79.00, it provides solid value.

In addition, being able to run off of batteries or the included AC adapter makes it versatile and suitable for a wide range of environments and jobs. If you have already invested in Milwaukee’s M18 cordless lineup, it would be an excellent addition to your tool collection.

For more information about the Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan, visit Milwaukee Tool’s website by clicking here.

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