My name is J.R. , owner of and the DIY Prepper TV Youtube Channel. I believe that self-reliance is just as important as it was for our grandparents, even if we live in an increasingly interdependent world

My goal for this site is to use it as a place to post information about the topics I am passionate about. These topics will include how-to articles (fixing things around the house and DIY projects) and information about tools, including reviews. I will also post prepper-related information and product reviews.

Most importantly, I want this site to help people become more self-reliant. I have done my best to learn how to take care of my own problems. I still have a ton to learn, but I am passionate about sharing what I have already learned as well as what I will continue to learn along the way.

Thank you for visiting my site. Once again, please check back here weekly to see the site grow!