Best Harbor Freight Free Items

Harbor Freight Tools is one of the most popular and divisive tool companies in existence. They offer low-cost versions of almost any tool you can imagine. In addition to low prices, one of the things Harbor Freight is best known for is their 20-25% off coupons and free items.

You can find their coupons from several sources. In fact, you are probably already receiving them in your weekly junk mail and may not even know it. Next time you get your pile of coupon mailers, look to see if you have any from Harbor Freight. If there aren’t any in there this week, be sure to check the next one you get. Where I live, I rarely go more than a couple of weeks without receiving Harbor Freight coupons in the mail.

If you shop at Harbor Freight, be sure to sign up for their email list and mailers. They send out a monthly catalog that includes coupons and a weekly email that contains some too. If you left your coupon at home, type “Current Harbor Freight Coupons” into your phone’s browser. Harbor Freight’s weekly coupons should be one of the first links that pop up.

Whenever I go to Harbor Freight, I always bring a free item coupon with me or pull one up on my phone before I check out. Being able to get free items is one of my favorite things about shopping at Harbor Freight. Here are some of the best free items that I have picked up from Harbor Freight.

Blue Flashlight

Best Harbor Freight Freebies Blue Flashlight
The Blue Flashlights are some of my favorite Harbor Freight freebies.

The blue flashlight is one of the best free items from Harbor Freight. Out of all of the freebies they offer, the “blue lights” are probably my favorite. I have lost count of how many I have laying around, and I haven’t paid for any of them. The blue lights are also one of Harbor Freight’s most common free items. They are almost always available from either email, online or print sales ads. If you can’t find one, wait a couple of weeks, and a coupon will probably show up.

The blue lights come with bright LED’s that give out a surprising amount of light. They have a hook on the back that folds into the body of the light when not in use. I like to use this hook to attach the light to the doorknob shank in my bathroom. The light is bright enough to make the room safe to move around in. It also has a magnet on the back so you can attach it to a fridge or under your car’s hood. Harbor Freight’s blue flashlights also come with batteries, further adding to their value.


Best Harbor Freight Freebies Tarp
Harbor Freight’s free tarps have numerous uses.

The tarps Harbor Freight offers are another one of their best free items. I have used mine as drop cloths for painting, a tent footprint, to cover a koi pond, and many other jobs. These tarps are the perfect size to keep in a bug out bag or vehicle kit to serve as an emergency shelter. They serve too many functions to list, and they are easy to store.

The tarps are 5.5 feet wide and 7.5 feet long and include grommets along the sides and corners. When picking out a tarp, be sure to check the grommets. Sometimes these aren’t installed very well and fall off. The tarps are well-suited for light to medium duty work. For a freebie, they work pretty well.

18-Inch Magnetic Tool Holder

Another one of Harbor Freight’s best free items is their magnetic tool holder. It is 18 inches long, giving you plenty of storage space. These are great additions to a workshop. They hold screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches, or almost any other small metal tool you can think of. The magnet is rated to hold over 9 pounds. The tool holder attaches to a wall or bench using the screw holes at each end.

Electric Fly Swatter

Best Harbor Freight Freebies Flyswatter
Harbor Freight’s electric flyswatter is a fun way to take care of pest problems.

If you have a problem with flies, mosquitoes, or any other flying insects, Harbor Freight’s electric fly swatter is a fun way to take care of the little buggers. It runs off of three D cell batteries (not included) and can make a bug pop like a firecracker. The only downside to the fly swatters is they are not very durable. I have torn up a couple of them by accidentally hitting them against stuff while swinging them through the air. As long as you are just hitting bugs (and not posts) it should hold up fine.

3 1/2 Inch Mini Flashlight

Best Harbor Freight Freebies Mini Flashlight
The 3 1/2 inch Mini Flashlight is small enough to keep stored in drawers or bags.

Another one of Harbor Freight’s best free items is their 3 1/2 inch mini flashlight. They are good backup flashlights to keep in your car or backpack, and at 70 lumens, can easily provide light in a small room or help you read. They feature a push-button switch for easy one-handed operation.


Harbor Freight’s “heavy duty” batteries are very useful free items. The coupons allow you to choose between a 24 pack of either AA or AAA batteries. They don’t last as long as name brand batteries, but they work well in a pinch.

7 Function Digital Multimeter

Harbor Freight Freebies Multimeter
The 7 Function Digital Multimeter is a handy tool for taking electrical measurements.

One of Harbor Freight’s most popular freebies is their 7 Function Digital Multimeter. Although I mainly use mine to test batteries, it is capable of doing much more. It gives readings for AC and DC voltage, DC current, diode test, battery test, transistor test, and resistance. It includes two test leads and a digital display.

Moving Blanket

Harbor Freight offers a few different sizes of moving blankets but occasionally offers its 40×50 inch moving blanket for free. Although it is small, it is large enough to cover the top of a small table and help provide padding between other furniture items. I have used my moving blankets to cover luggage in the back of our Rav4. The dark color of the moving blanket makes it much harder for a potential thief to see what is inside by peeking in the window.

Magnetic Parts Bowl

Best Harbor Freight Freebies Parts Bowl
Magnetic parts bowls do a great job holding onto metal items.

If you have ever had to take something apart that had a bunch of small screws, you know how frustrating it can be to lose one. Magnetic parts bowls are great solutions to this problem, and the ones Harbor Freight offers are some of the best freebies you can get. I have accumulated several of them over the past few years. I keep a few in my workshop and at least one in each car.

Microfiber Cloths

I love Harbor Freight’s microfiber cloths. They come in a four pack and are valuable multi-purpose items. I have used mine to wipe down tools, make shotgun bore patches, clean sanding residue off of woodworking projects, and many other things. They would also work really well to wash cars and wipe down wheels.


Although Harbor Freight offers many freebies, those listed above are the ones I have found to provide the most value. Other freebies, such as the screwdrivers, brushes, and power strips, may suit your needs better than these. Stay on the lookout for Harbor Freight’s coupons to find the ones you can use the most.

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